My Journey 1

For some years ago, I’ve been in a religious organization which I believed then that, that was all God want us to be after we come to Him.

My understandings were: When one gave or give his life to Christ, the next step such a person should take is to start attending ”Churches” and grow in knowledge of the Scriptures. Such a person MUST endeavour to attends ”Church’s” programs regularly, pay his/her tithes, become a worker in the church, always do things that are good and have a good moral living, Pray and read his/her bible early in the morning and also in the day time. Then, as you are doing that, you should always be watchful because trumpet may or can sound anytime.

Those and many more were basically my understandings after I became born again, But along the way, when I started to hear the Lord and desire to follow Him, Somethings began to played out in my life and I came to realized that I was taught to believed in a ”thing” not in a ”Person”. I found out that some many things I believed in were totally wrong base on “their concepts”.

Everything I believed in were not only the doctrines of the denomination I was attending but, they were/are general doctrines in the various Denominations and religions Circles.

One day, I began to asked the Lord various questions that were even beyond my understanding and knowledge. Although, the Lord responded to my questions but they were beyond my comprehension.

One of the answers I got was this:

The parable of of the two Daughters that were begat by the same mother:

Ezekiel 23:1-49, Aholah ( Samaria) and Aholibah (Jerusalem). This was the beginning of my understanding of the ”CHURCH HISTORY”. Although, many books and authors wrote on the Church History, maybe I will say, I wasn’t privilege to read them. But I was (am) glad when the Lord began to take me through to those events of the past– The Beginning of Dark Age and the Realm of Religion-ism.

Later, I got to understand why those denominations have the same levels of Titles, Doctrines, creeds, confirmation Classes, Baptismal Classes, Sunday School, Theological Schools, Festivals; Christmas, Good Fridays, Good Sundays, Esther and many more…

What was my understanding? They were all begat by the same MOTHER and no matter how they run as long as they hold on to a level of religion (things they have learned from their Backslid-en mother), the spirits that caught up with their Mother will always catch up with them.

What were the names of those Spirit? Simply put, Assyrian (Egypt is always related to Assyrians this has to do with Worldliness) and Babylonia Spirits (Religious Spirit).

Think of many things that are been done today and look around If you will not see the same things in various DENOMINATIONS: Charismatic Church (in which Catholic belongs), Orthodox Church and Pentecostal Church…

Someone may says, why all these? I just want to point out those things for the basis of what I’m about share in this blog. I’m not here to discuss about the good side of the things some of us has enjoyed and dare not raised alarm on but, I’m here to declare loud and clear that, not only that the system is wrong but our concepts of THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM IS ALSO TOTALLY WRONG.

Once people believed in another gospel that look like the “True gospel” then, what they will produced is nothing than what they believed in. So many christian believed in their “Denominations” than in Christ, While some believe and hold on to their Church’s Doctrine than any things else even in the face of present Truth. Remember, bible never say “Hold to the Church or the System but Hold On to The HEAD” Col 2:19. This is why some of them may even try to kill you (if not Physically but, Emotionally, Spiritually or Psychologically), If you dare say something is wrong with their doctrines or with their ”Denominations”.

Why are they doing that? Man is always active in defending what they’ve built but, what God is building, man are always against it. For that which God is doing stand contradictory to their systems.

Whether the end will come or not, What will determined it is this:


And this Gospel of this Kingdom shall be Preached in ALL the WORLD for a witness unto all Nations; and then shall the END come. Matthew 24:14.

Most of the things written in the Scriptures are fulfilling in our eyes and in our days but, it look like the World will just keep on rolling on the same circle till eternity. The arrival of Christ for His True bride seems delayed, why? Because Christians of nowadays has not yet preached the Gospel of the Kingdom, not because some of them don’t want to preached it but majorly, Many of them don’t HAVE IT and some that have it dare not raise up their voice because, they love the praise of men than God’s praise. All what they have is the Gospel of their Denominations and Empires.

“So, the Bride has not make herself ready, the World is yet to hear the True Gospel of the Kingdom and without this, Christ may not return and the End may not come.

Now, lets ask ourselves a question: What is the Gospel of the Kingdom? Because this is where the whole issues lies.

The question is now before you once again.



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