Life As I Know It

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Sitting here in my dark room….

I enjoy my moment alone in the dark, where the world around me is shut outside, when I can finally see myself and my struggles. It’s the place of my comfort, a place where I get down on my knees and pour out my heart without any restriction or fear, a place where I bottle my tears and pains. I’ve been thinking about life for a while now and about some stuffs that are going on around me lately.

I often think that life is a combinations of codes, coded by a Mastermind programmer, while we are busy figuring one aspect out of the code, the others are staring into our eyes telling us to come over for a little game of prank.

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VOL. 1, PART 2 (Updated Version)
We’ve been dealing with issue of circumcision for a while now. If you have not read previous post, you may do so hereon the Facebook page or from my blog site here
Joshua chapter 5
This book of Joshua chapter 5 portraits the circumcision of the new generation of army, this circumcision has to do with the heart. In the Old Testament it was referred to as circumcision of the foreskin. What God was proven in that time which is of great relevance to us as a people is, the fact that we have forsaken Egypt does not mean we are totally through with it and need not to be circumcised.
The first stage is our leaving Egypt while the second stage deals with wilderness experiences leading to our circumcisions. Without that, we cannot become an armed person for the Lord neither can we enter into the Promised Land and eat the fruits of the land.

 There is always “the” Promised Land and a Promised Land for the people of God, The former is an eternal Land while the latter is a temporary one leading to the eternal one. They both go hand in hand. One cannot lay claim on the eternal when one has not fully grasp to some levels the temporary one.

The tool or the way to embrace the two is through circumcisions. God’s promise to Joshua was “as many that would go through this circumcision, I will roll away from them the reproach of Egypt”. The condition by which God will do that is through circumcision.

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