The Growing Madness Called "Church"

The Growing Madness Called "Church"

Many of the articles I write, I enjoy because they sort of ‘burn out’ of me through my fingers and all I have to deal with is grammar and formatting. I am not particularly writing this because I enjoy the topic but I feel that there is a need to speak the truth. It will then be up to individuals to love or hate it, act or remain passive as people tend to do – or even fight it – but I would have spoken the truth.

I sat down in a gathering where I was about to do a gig, focusing on going up to the stage to play some songs. Just before I went up, a guy went up to the podium and started speaking freely about ‘Church’ and ‘Christianity’ – and I sat in my seat and felt fed up… again – but in a nice sort of way. I was glad that someone who has never read any of my articles or had a discussion with me, but who is evidently given to the God-Chase had similar things to say about the filthy stench of ‘Church’, if I may.

Now, when I say Church, I refer to its usage as is commonly used, a place where people gather to do fast-paced music they call ‘praise’ and slow-paced music they call ‘worship’, where the gathering of one person speaking to a large group of passive listeners is ‘fellowshipping’, where the ‘pastor’ is the leader of the ‘flock’ which is the congregation and where he is respected and worshipped as a demi-god because he is ‘the man of God’… But the truth is, no congregation or gathering of people is perfect, so let me not flog these issues.

But then, there are other things.

The church intends to ‘grow’ and by that, it means increase in numbers and branches with more individuals who take on board the practice that characterizes the mode of worship of the denomination, its style of dressing, style of speaking, style of living, which is, more or less, an off-shoot of the church’s ‘founders’.
These may not be the best scenario, ideally, but then, there are other things.

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