Maybe this isn't the best time to buy that stuffs, to get entangle with that person, to allow your heart to be cumbersome with that thoughts and imaginations flying and humming in and out like a bee on flowers. Maybe this is the time to journey backward and see where you are coming from. Maybe it’s time we remind ourselves of our frailty and consider not the strength we've put together so long. This might help us once again to see what we ought to crave for than what we are already dying for.

Sometimes, we are quick to forget "our frames", where we were "carved" out, we think we know many thing, we think we have understanding; we think we are full of wisdom and how to maneuver our ways. Though we may not actually say it out and that does not negate this fact. The absolute thought of "I'm best at this" it’s a signal that we are journeying on a wrong path.

How often do we consider that we could be "deadly wrong", how many times have we looked at ourselves in our closet and tell the sincere truth to our consciousness and sub-consciousness that “we are nothing but dust…” The pursuit of happiness, good living, good job, good home and a lovely family are not what guarantee blessed life. We may have all that we crave for and lose that “which” is craving and yearning for our attention.

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