Who Knows?!

When a man set out on a journey to a great land which is full of riches and wealth. When he focus on that which is eternal than that which is temporary, who knows where he will end it? Who knows how his journey will look like? There is always a force behind every action, every things created pointed to the Creator, a design speaks of a Designer, a foundation testify of a Founder. But there is only one Person that knows how the journey will look like and what may likely be fall the one that set himself on this journey.

Everyone on the planet earth have at one time or other set out on a journey, if you ask ” Mr A” he will tell you the same things as “B”, so also “C-Z” will echoes the same thing, that they are journeying to a Land full of riches and wealth!! The believer and unbeliever, the pagan and causal Christians, the Allah and Traditional worshipers, the Hindus and Idol worshipers, the Rich and Poor, Old and Young, Husbands and Wives, and many other are on this journey and surprisingly, they all claim to be going to the same place.

But, who knows where they are all heading to? who knows their individual’s destination? I bet, you should know, I mean you that are on this journey!
A man going to London knows where he is going so also he that leave for a trip to Abuja knows his destination but many on this journey Do Not Know Where They Are Heading!! There confession is against their destinations. They may confessed that they are for peace while their actions openly declare that they are for war. They may confess they are for the kingdom of God while the testimony they bear screams into every living things that they are for Kingdom of destruction and woes.
As a man on this journey, where are you heading? Do you at once in your life consider where you may likely end your life. If your actions are against your confessions then, maybe, I will tell you where you are likely heading to and that will be THE LAND OF HYPOCRISY which is equal to the Kingdom of Destruction.

He doesn’t matter what your titles are, which denomination you belong and which position you are undertaking here on Earth. A man that is not born-again has only one destination and that is Hell. And he that is born-again and settle on his journey has his own share with hypocrites!.

I think by now you should know where you are heading, if it is the Land of riches and Wealth your heart will bear you witness and if it is other Land, conviction of that is already in your heart!

Who knows? God knows and You yourself know and the people around you know where you are heading. Its time to re-visit your ways and doings! Christ loves you!


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