The journey of every man started from the day the Lord God said “let there be’’. Reading from the book of genesis, one may be able to understand why the Lord God created human beings and also the purpose and goal of Him in creating all things. Not only that but also the purpose of our existence because, inside of His will we find our will.
Majorly, I believed the Lord created us for one purpose though He may have many dimensions of bringing us into that but, that purpose is to make us “His Bride’’ here on Earth. I believed His intention was not to take us to “heaven’ but as His wife, to be His authority here on earth (this is why the Lord pray for us in John 17:15; I pray NOT that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest KEEP( PRESERVED) them from Evil),to Judge the Earth and everything He has created, by that we might fulfill His promises in Genesis 1:24-27.

Thus means that, as God is ruling in Heaven, we will both be ruling on earth and in Heaven with Him, we will be living in two realms simultaneously. Just like our Lord said: “the son of Man who is in Heaven and on Earth” ( John 3:13.Paraphrase mine). And this is the peak of our calling in Him to become HIM who is the Father of the Spirit.

But, it takes a long journey for this to be accomplished in us. Since the fall of man in the Garden, one thing or other has been taking the place the Lord desired to have in human race and this is why the Lord has not relent in calling people out when those whom He has called settled on their Journey.

One of the things that happened to “Adams’’ was that though they were pure from the day the Lord created them but they needed to keep the Holiness deposited in them by the virtues of endurance yet, they were “vulnerable to temptation’’from the enemy, the Devil.

The antidotes the Lord provided for them was in the tree of life which was in the midst of the garden. This was why the Lord planted that tree in the garden and gave them permission to eat from its fruits.

But how often do we turn away from the thing that would have saved us from long term regret and cling to those things that brings an unending disappointment and failures.

Man has never faced a temptation that Lord has not provided way of escape from. In fact, it has not been one way but many ways of escaping. But, why would the One who created the universe allowed the enemy to come in and polluted what He has created? Not even the animals and plants but the man He has given Authority to. Why was devil so interested in what God has made in His Image?

That suggest to me that the enemy is always against God’s delegate Authority; anything that has to do with dominion or Power is what the enemy is after. “As Jezebel, who was interested in Power to control the nation of Israel, the prophets of God and turned them to her own nation and prophet then, seek to put to death those who refused her as an authority”.

So also at every dispensation the enemy is always against God’s Authority, since he knows that where God’s authority resides will give way for the Kingdom of God to come in.

Jesus said: If I by the finger of God cast out demons know for sure that the Kingdom of God is come over you’’.

When God gives man an Authority, He creates space for such a person to be “vulnerable to the temptation from the enemy’’, just like when our Lord was baptized, the next thing that happened was for Him to be led to wilderness in order to be tempted by the enemy. His 40days of prayers and fasting were not for power but were a trials of what He possessed (The Authority, Power and Dominion).

The same thing was what happened in the Garden of Eden; Adam has been given dominion and power but here comes the time of trial or test for what he has possessed but the first trial was what man fell into.

When Eve fell, Adam has no choice than to come and meet her where she has stumble and failed.
The enemy plan was to get to the man but first, he needed to get him through his wife; as he couldn’t get King Solomon to raise Idolatry in Israel except through the concubine, the strange women that Solomon fell in love with.

God in His own plan has a place for trial or tests for His Creation. Take for instance, An Automobile Company will not put their goods in term of cars out for sale without a proper test; series of trial and tests has to be conducted before they are in stocks for sales. If they failed in running those trial and tests, and then place their Cars for sale; They are out for unrecoverable failure.
If man can take time in doing that, how much more the Lord God of the universe who gave all things to man!

So, God has a place in the wilderness to conduct His tests on each of His Children; and this was the exact thing that occurred in the Garden of Eden. God gave an instruction; His word to man but, He also went ahead to allowed the man to make decision as regard the instructions.

When God give you a promise, know for surety that before the promise become materialize, it will first of all kill you and if it hasn’t done that then it won’t come to pass.

You may ask, what is the trial and test is all about? It is a test/trial of Love; it is a trial that come out of unfeigned love of God for man. He desire man to prove to the enemy that he (man) loves his Creator unconditionally. And this was exact thing our Lord did while He was tempted in the wilderness. He proved His Love, what has been done and who He was/is to the enemy.

Everyone can remember Job and his trials. Imagine if we only read the first two chapters of Job and neglect the remaining chapters; we can be irrational by concluding that God set up Job for destruction. But indeed, God set up Job not for destruction (though that was the aim of the enemy) but to declared to the Devil that Job loves his Creator and no matter what happened he will not by any means denied Him.

Every pages of the bible I turn to, I keep on seeing the replay of what has happened in the Garden of Eden. The trial of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua and Caleb, David the man after God’s heart and many more, are point to the truth identity of our Journey in Him.
All of these people carry their own cross in their generations. What of the Church age? The Apostles and the believers that followed the Lord faithfully? They embraced their cross on a daily basis and they all have a testimony that their Love for Him the world is not worthy of.

In every generation, that was what God has been doing; calling those that love Him unto Himself. These are the people that will give up all things for His purpose and counsel to be fulfilled in their life.

It will be most appropriate to say the same thing that God said about Adam while in the Garden; “It is not good for man to be alone, I will make him a help meet for him’’ the same things applied to the Lord Himself.

Every animal, all living creatures have their counterpart but for God none of them match to become His own Bride. Just like Adam was in need of Love before God found that love for him, so also The God of creations, the Maker of Heavens and Earth was and is also in need of love.

“The creation desired to be beloved so also the Creator Himself’’

But who are those that will meet His needs? Who are those that are willing to love Him? Who are those that will become His Bride indeed?
In the ultimate commandment, the first on the list is


This is where all other commandment sums up into. For, if I really love him as He has commanded then I will keep His commandment. By not keeping His commandment prove that I don’t really love Him. Every of my actions can be weigh by that.
If there is any generation that the Lord is looking up to in order for this to be fulfilled, then it is this generation. The time and dispensation we are in is all pointing to the fact that God will not take anything less than His bride; there may be many concubine and harlots in the Land but the Lord must surely have His own wife. Among the multitudes, He must have a remnant; those who are in love with Him on daily basis”.

Yea, there may be many who are in love with ”things’‘ about Him but they are not His bride. Whatever you are in love with is automatically your husband.
So, the calling of the Lord to those who are on this Journey is a calling to a marriage feast; herein the Scripture is fulfilled in our eyes:

“The Marriage of the Lamb’’

We must not forget that we are a people on a journey and our journey is not an easy one, the gate is narrow so also the path. Everything about this journey required a ‘’Person’’and not a ‘’thing or method’’.

He that gave the method or thing is Greater; the Giver of the rain is more important than the rain.

May the Lord give us understanding as regard this. Amen.

The Journey So Far…… (Part 2) coming soon…

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