Jesus answered and said unto him verily, verily I say unto thee; except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdoms of God. (John 3:3)

The scripture clearly reveal to us that for a person to say that he/she is genuinely born-again, there are three basic elements that must be true in his/her life. These three basic elements are missing in the life of many who are claiming to be born-again today.

Also, many churches/denominations have neglected sound teaching of these three basic elements and where they are present, they are either wrongly taught, practice or not fully practice and taught.

In this blog, the Lord is leading us to show His children the reality of this three basic elements and call for their full restoration in the body of Christ that we may be qualified to enter into the next move of God which many have been praying for on earth; The kingdom Of God.


It is important for us at this time and hour that God is planning a major move on earth – A move that that would cause the Kingdom of God to come upon the earth and destroy all other kingdom that men has built and are still building, to re-examine the basic truth of the foundation of our Salvation (i.e our Born again experience) that you and I may know if the foundation of our salvation is fake or genuine.

The Scripture admonish us in II Corinthian 13:5 that:

Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith.
Test yourselves. Do you not know yourself that Christ is in you? – Unless indeed you are disqualified (N.K.J.V )

If after reading this blog, you are assured in your spirit by the Holy Spirit that the foundation of your salvation is true and complete, thank God and I pray that the Lord will help you to continue steadfastly in Him. If you are not sure of the originality or completeness of the foundation of your salvation, this is another opportunity being given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ to be born – again, again.

I believe also that this message is also for those that are called to ministered to sinners, so that they can check the foundation of the message of salvation that they are presenting to sinners whether it is of God or Flesh or Satan.
This is also to help them to know if the foundation they are laying in the new convert is complete or incomplete.
The issue of foundation is a paramount issue in the scripture that cannot be neglected. Psalm 11:3 says:

if the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?

The righteous has to go back to the foundation and relay it.

Every foundation that is not properly laid on the Rock (Christ) would go down the drain in the hour we are in. That is why God is taken time to help His willing children who will hearken to His call in Mathew 11:28-30 that they may not be partaker of the coming judgment nor suffer loss.

I pray the Lord will give you a hearing ear and understanding heart so that you can run to Him for help.

God is coming to try every foundations of our experiences in Him and those that are built on sand (Carnality, Human philosophy and doctrines that have replaced sound biblical truth, blocking the well of life, like the Philistine blocked the Abraham’s well with sand) shall collapse when the flood begin to move against them and the wind begin to blow vehemently upon them and great will be their ruin. (Luke 6:46-49)

May the Lord help you and I to open up ourselves to the grace of God so that we can escape the coming judgment in Jesus name (Amen).

Now let us look into those basic elements one after the other.

There are three basic elements that must be present in every genuine and complete born again experience.

These are “Believe”, “Repentance” and “Water baptism”. The yoke by which this three are tightly joined together is the Holy Ghost sponsored Conviction.

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