Everything about creations is a journey to a final destinations, each destination are different depending on who is embarking on the journey and who is leading the journey.
Man as a part or rather a major factor in this journey has a destination to reach, but the earlier man understood that its journey can be thwarted the better it will be for him in this journey.
Starting from the the beginning of man on earth, we will vividly understand why HE(God) created us (though many may not know this but as you are reading this i believe understanding will be given to you so that you may understand your existence on this Earth) and also understand our purpose, callings and inheritance on Earth.
Basically, the Lord created us for one purpose and that purpose is this:


But, where? In Heaven or here on Earth?.That is a question i will live for you to consider in your heart though we may later come back to answer that as God will be leading us on as we proceed in this blog. Still on creation as we have in the bible, everything the Lord created were beautiful or should i call it exactly how it was recorded they were all GOOD and perfectly created.
So, man in creation was perfectly made(just like Psalm have it: We are wonderful and fearfully made)and here comes a big bang on what is perfectly made THE TESTING TIME.
Adam and Eve has to be tested to really show forth what they are made of and they are failure or success will either truncate and damage all things or bring all thing to there final destination in God. May I also include this that they were vulnerable to temptation from the time they were created and that vulnerability bring about the power of choice making.

“The way God does His things and the way man often reasons are more alike. What do i mean by that? Take for instance an Automobile company will not display or show-case there brand new car in the market place without serious checkup and testing lest it result to their shame and disgrace before all, so God who made all will not also boast of what He created if they cannot stand the test of time”.

Therefore, He invented a life journey for all creation, to be tested and proven before they become what He intended for them to become especially we HUMAN.Hence the topic before us today.


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